Design and Configuration


Customisation & Integration

The Vergola® opening roofing system can be incorporated into a range of structures and configurations. Vergola® can either be freestanding or part of an existing building.

Integrating a Vergola® into new home or renovations projects can unlock the full potential and lifestyle benefits cf your outdoor living area.

We can incorporate a range of architectural fittings and facilities ensure that the Vergola® structure fits any contemporary architectural designs, while still being able to integrate seamlessly into period styles.



Vergola® can be built to suit any style whether flat, pitched, gabled or inserted into an existing frame

From single bays to multiple bays, a Vergola® can be designed into the smallest opening to covering large areas.


Independent Guttering and
Flexible framework

Our uniquely designed gutters are fitted inside the perimeter of the frame (independent of existing guttering) to ensure that any water is safely run off the louvres into dedicated or pre-existing downpipes.

Built to Last

Vergola® gutters and flashings are manufactured using Colorbond® steel.

Your framework can be constructed from timber, steel, or any other material that complies with local building codes.

Timber allows Vergola® to complement existing pergolas or be integrated into more classically designed structures. Vergola ACT prefers H3 or H2 Treated Pine in our projects

Steel allows Vergola® to complement a more contemporary design. Vergola ACT prefers powder coated Boxspan® or C Purlin in our projects